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20 dBm

2G 3G 4G 900/1800/2100MHz 3Band Home Ofiice Cell Phone Signal Booster Repeater SHMB3001EU


Enhanced cell phone signal coverage

Supports multiple cellular devices and users simultaneously

The uplink and downlink gain could be set independently. “+” is increasing the gain, “-” is decreasing the gain.

Automatic Gain Control

Product Description

The SHMB3001EU 900mhz/1800mhz/2100mhz signal booster is able to capture a weak cellular signal, and amplify it, so you can enjoy crystal-clear calls, fast and consistent data speeds while reducing dropped calls. This device features easy installation & operation, with pack of outdoor & indoor antenna and no interference. It could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of cellphones. It is a cell phone signal booster which ideal for home, office, building... project use.


Frequency of 3 Band Repeater (Band1/3/8):

BAND8      900MHz    

Up Link (RX):880-915MHz      

Down Link (TX):925-960MHz

BAND3      1800MHz    

Up Link (RX):1710-1785MHz   

Down Link (TX):1805-1880MHz

BAND1       2100MHz   

Up Link (RX):1920-1980MHz    

Down Link (TX):2110-2170MHz

Input power: -100 ~ -40dBm

Max Up link gain: 70dB ±1.5dB

Max Down link gain: 75dB±1.5dB

Max output power: Up link:20dBm±1.5dB Down link:17dBm±1.5dB

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Isolation: >70dB

Connector type: N Female

Power supply: AC 90-264V,DC 12V/5A

Repeater size: 195*180*55mm(without connector)

Compact design: Indoor use (Desktop)

Repeater weight: < 4.0Kg