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Sunhans 5.8GHz 10W Outdoor wifi signal booster,designed for WiFi Signal Hotspot Coverage, 

sunhans SHPro58Go10W Resolve the problem with a weak signal in an excellent manner, 

and help to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength for the 40dBm(±1.5dBm) high output power.

IEEE 802.11b/g/n supported standards can compatible with a variety of 5.8ghz frequency devices.

(WiFi AP + WiFi Booster + Antenna.)

Connection mode of the WiFi signal booster is connected to the signal source (customer device which cause wifi signal ) through one end of the radio, 

and the other end is connected to the antenna, and the WiFi signal is expanded by the antenna.

The wifi signal range will be better when the wifi AP connenct with WiFi Booster then can give users a good WiFi signal environment. 

Application scene

For UAV,Routers,IP cameras, R/C helicopters, planes and cars,Bluetooth,Walkie talkies,ZigBee, Robot...

For WiFi Hotspot of House, Office,Hotels,Supermarkets, Hospitals,Parking Spaces...

For WiFi Solution & Project : WiFi Hotspot Solutions,Access points,Smart home systems, Smart city IOT, RC Drones Platform,security camera system, DVR, NVR system...

SHPro58Go10W 5.8G 10W 40dBm WiFi Signal Booster Outdoor


SKU: 0305SH200793

Model: SHPro58Go10W



5.8GHz, Max. 40dBm big output power;

Aluminum-alloy case by CNC, anti-interference;

Safe & Power saving;

For supermarkets, parking spaces, office, ....


Technical Specifications:

Model: SHPro58Go10W

Operating range: 5000~5875MHz

Channel width: 20Mhz&40Mhz

Supported standards: IEEE 802.11 a / n / ac

Operation mode: Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duplex

Connector type: N-K female

Output power: 40dBm(±1.5dBm)

Input power: 0 ~ 20dBm(Note: If the input power is greater than 20DBM, it needs to be explained in advance with the supplier, so that the manufacturer can adjust the equipment.)  

Transmit gain: 15-18dB

Receiver gain: ≤12dB

Noise figure: ≤3.5dB typical

Frequency response: ±1dB over operating range

Power adapter: 24V/2A DC, 100~240V

Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C

Operating humidity: Up to 75% relative humidity

Material: Cast aluminum

LED light: Power status / activity status LED

Booster weight: 909g

Booster size: 13.2*14.7*3.9cm


Package contents:

1 x SHPro58Go10W WiFi booster

1 x feeding box

1 x power supply

1 x user manual