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Sunhans was founded in 2008 with the purpose of innovating in the field of telecommunications , researching new technologies and initiatives to better global communication.

Currently, Sunhans has products that facilitate communication to thousands of businesses and individuals. We like to call ourselves ” troubleshooters ” because we specialize in solving the problems of wireless networks and mobile signal coverage. In addition , we specialize in manufacturing the latest technology in our field. For example, new wireless networking protocols.

We are always ahead of other manufacturers. Because we are always anticipating and innovating. This is one of the reasons for our customers trust.

Sunhans has a team of highly qualified people. Engineers with a long career and a good knowledge of the technology, legal advisers who make our products to meet the standards of all countries of the world. Friendly, sincere, and cheerful salespeople expert in telecommunications. Logistics managers with big constancy in their job are responsible of making sure that everything reaches its destination on time and to supervise every minute of the shipment. Production managers who oversee the technical quality control and finish every production , from the start of the delivery to the carrier …

Until 2013 , our work was focused mostly on the Chinese market, exporting to Europe and America only a 10% of the production. But this year we have shifted this percentage, to almost exclusively producing products for foreign markets.

Sunhans faces a big change this year. A change in mentality , a change in the market, a quality change , a change of brand image …!

“Sunhans has products that facilitate communication to thousands of businesses and individuals”

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